Friday, December 26, 2008

I'm Linthicum On Line Shop-are you linthicum?

Are you Linthicum? Do you personify the place! Maybe probably! I have been doing research into two of the original Linthicums- John Charles and his wife Helen Linthicum. Amazing people. I arranged to have their pictures put on a few items- coffee mugs, pins, tote bag,tee shirts with the slogan I'm linthicum. So are they and so could you also be! What a way to remember the past and show your community spirit!
Take a leuk! click here to go shopping

At the present time mark up is only a few cents. This is to help lower the costs for local businesses who wish to stock up. In a week or so prices will go up so get yours before then. Whatever small proceeds will go to pay the costs of the research of my two books. Which will be out soon.


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