Monday, February 23, 2009

North Linthicum Pool to Close

Sad news concerning our local swimming pool. I hope they try lowering the cost of membership. I was put off by the stock ownership configuration and found it more than I could afford. Also I don't think they had a per day fee. Another thing that I hope they consider. In our local real estate market they should get a good amount if the property is sold. I hope that is not driving the decison either. Always a good neighbor in the community-



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NORTH LINTHICUMIn a community that has largely escaped the wave of home foreclosures, the economic downturn has claimed a different sort of victim: the community swimming pool.

More than 30 years ago, a few dozen residents of North Linthicum, the small corner of Linthicum that lies inside the beltway, joined forces and raised money to buy 2 acres of undeveloped land, where they built a swimming pool. At the time, there were no public pools in Anne Arundel County; if you wanted to swim, you had to belong to a swim club.

The North Linthicum Recreation Club opened its pool in the summer of 1977 and has opened every summer since then, providing a summer respite for residents and jobs for many of their children. Now, faced with declining membership and mounting debt, the North Linthicum pool is poised to go out of business.

“You could call it a ‘perfect storm,’”, said Tu Armagost, NLRC President. “Memberships declined to an all-time low, and at the same time much of our contractual business disappeared.

“In better times, we could have gone to a bank and borrowed money to get through the slump, do some aggressive marketing, and re-invent ourselves. But right now nobody’s lending, especially not to a seasonal operation like ours.”

When banks declined to help, the pool’s officers tried to find private financing, and sought help from county and state officials. Nothing worked. “Everybody’s in the same boat,” Armagost said. “Nobody has any money right now.”


At its most recent meeting, the pool’s board of directors reluctantly agreed that all options had been exhausted, and voted to begin the process of shutting down the pool and liquidating its chief asset – the 2 acres of land where the pool is located, adjacent to Overlook Park.

“We are still holding out hope we can find a buyer who would continue to operate the pool,” Armagost said, “but realistically speaking, it’s much more likely that we’ll eventually see residential development on that property.

“It’s a real shame,” he said. “The pool has been a great asset to the community. When it’s gone, everyone loses.”


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Importan change of Event March 14- Not Parade Just Commemorative Gatherings.

Please change your information- Sorry for the inconvenience. Not enough interest for formal parade so we will just commemorate. There is not enough parking in the park and it is not on any map so we will gather in the Linthicum Heights 21090 parking lot for a few words then distribute maps to the park and commemorate there.
Commemorative Gathering
Gather together to remember two Maryland Patriots-- John Charles Linthicum Charles Linthicum To be Celebrated with Commemorative Gathering.
We gather at the center of Linthicum Heights in the Shopping Center for a few words and to find parking. We will distribute maps to the park which is only a few blocks away. (but as it is a new park and has little parking it is not on any maps as yet.) So first a few words in the center of town, maps, find parking then a second commemoration at the park at noon. Wreath laying maybe a speech. Afterwards we will find some place for a social gathering with refreshments.

March 14 2009

Thus far...
Commemoration will take place rain or shine.

We are looking for a sponsor bar to provide special deals for commemoration participants after the parade maybe 1930s beer prices! (remember no beer in commemoration) e.mail us

Girls are encouraged to wear costume jewelry and roses in honor of Mrs. Linthicum

1930s dress is encouraged

1930s vehicles are encouraged

Artcars will take part

Participants can dress up with I'm Linthicum tee shirts from our on-line store

Remember the Linthicums with great gift items-tote bag, mugs, pins etc... Build Community spirit! Remember our history!
Visit the store here-

March 14, 1932

On March 14, 1932, the House voted on the question of bringing out from the
Judiciary Committee the Beck-Linthicum resolution, which proposed that Congress ...
-Straw Votes: A Study of Political Prediction - Page 156 by Claude Everett Robinson, Columbia University Council for Research in the Social Sciences - Elections - 1932 - 203 pages

Yes indeed! NO! It is not a parade but a commemorative gathering to recognize the importance of our rights and the man that started the legislation rolling which ended in the repeal of prohibition. Even though Linthicum was a tea totaller (In his own words: "A temperance man"- he knew the value of our rights. Note that Linthicum was cited as being in favor of just such a parade:

"Representatives J. Charles Linthicum and Vincent Palmisano and former Representative John Philip Hill favor a beer parade in Baltimore such as Mayor Walker plans for New York. Walter H . Buck president of the Baltimore Association Against the Prohibition Amendment; Edgar Allan Poe Jr., head of the Crusaders here, and other civic and political leaders sowed interest in the idea of a national demonstration.
Mr. Buck explained that his association was interested in repeal of the prohibition amendment rather than modification, and expressed regret that the Baltimore Association of Commerce recently refused to follow the lead of similar bodies in Chicago and New York,, which passed resolutions calling on Congress to pass a bill making beer available for tax revenue.
Mr. Poe said he felt sure that the members of the Crusaders would be willing to march here in a beer parade. But in the absence of official advice on the matter from the Crusaders' New York headquarters he was unwilling to commit himself.

-"Linthicum for Beer Parade.", The New York Times.,April 17, 1932, pg.2.

The commemoration will be a good civic experience for young and old. A good chance to learn local history and to take part in the commemoration of our local Patriot Charles Linthicum. All are invited to contribute. The commemoration will take place on the closest Saturday in March to the date the amendment reached the floor of the Congress.

The commemoration will start at the Linthicum shopping center (Linthicum Heights, 21090) and end at the Linthicum Memorial in the Charles Linthicum Park. Anyone wanting to take part can contact me at

. There will be no alcohol in the route, at the shopping center or in the park at the ending. There will be a gathering at a place to be announced where our freedoms can be exercised.

We welcome one and all to participate. A beer can wreath will be laid at the base of the monument.

The commemoration will proceed in all weather!
Watch this space for further details!